The Trade



Big Ideas start small. I have an idea that has been running around in my head for years. Maybe a decade. Its an idea for a game called The Trade. In this game you play as a slave in the American South. I have a number of "Big Ideas". I have spent time on and off learning aspects of game programming and creation basically for this project. I have decided to invest in i fully. This will be a diary of the creation process and a place I hope to post things as I learn them. 


My first attempt at producing The Trade ended when I ran into major problems creating assets for the engine I selected to run the game. While I still LOVE the CryEngine, its overall base of supporting users is poor and the community of builders is almost Exclusive to the CryDev board. In my opinion, physics in the CryEngine is second to none. I recently decided to revisit the Unreal Engine. I see in a lot of popular games that it is the engine of choice. I honestly see why! Its community is thriving and active. Support from knowledgable users is readily available and vast. If you are interested in learning more about game engines click the links below.